Lichon Boron Liquid 500ml Crop Supplement Patron Chemicals

Brand: Patron Chemicals

Category: Pesticides

SubCategory: Micro Nutrients

Active Ingredient: Boron 5%

Pack Size: 500ml

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agricultural use:


boron is a micronutrient fertilizer in the form of di-sodium tetra borate decahydrate. it is an essential micronutrient required for plant nutrition, which plays a vital role in a number of growth processes especially new cell development, fruit/seed setting, translocation of sugars, starches, nitrogen and phosphorous, nodule formation in legumes and regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. boron deficiency appears in youngest leaves as wrinkled, often thicker and of a darkish blue green color. as deficiency progresses, the terminal growing point dies and flowers & fruits formation is restricted or inhibited; fruits remain very small and of poor quality. keeping in view increasing boron deficiency in pakistan soils.

the lichon boron 5 percent 500ml crop supplement patron chemicals is a product of patron chemicals. the category is pesticides and subcategory is micro nutrients

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